River Haven in 2006

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“Whatsoever you have done to the least of my brothers you have done unto Me!”

In March 2006, after a nail-biting waiting period of months, the city authorities announced their decision to present to the city council their recommendation to grant another 12 months land use permit. In the meantime these “dirty thirty” proved to their sponsors (Turning-Point Foundation) and the city authorities that theirs could be a clean, alcohol and drug free, self governing community that could fend for itself, thereby raising themselves up by their bootstraps and proving to us that these overlooked members of our society are a force to be reckoned with.

With the help of some guardian angels, grants, and assistance, the members of this community have set up new white tents on wooden pallets to keep the rain water away. They have received a gift of a used electric generator to run some tools. But still they have a long way to go. We look to you to help us in this effort. Come get involved and let’s put our shoulders together to stop such atrocities!

Mr. Peter Brown
City of Ventura

Mr. Rick Cole
City Manager

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Mr. Clyde Reynold
 Turning Point Foundation

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