River Haven Community 2005

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“Whatsoever you have done to the least of my brothers you have done unto Me!”

Just in case you did not know, these pictures were taken in 2005 at River Haven, a loving name for the temporary campsite graciously made available by the city. These pictures are not from some poor country which we may not have even heard of. No, these miserable conditions are accepted by us in California, a state of the union that has the 8th largest economy in the world. “How can this be happening?” I ask myself. What do you think?

River Haven - Entrance

The Angels - Harold & Dorothy

Variety of Shelters

A new couple moving in

The executive suite

Pot of coffee to warm

A word of hope

This too will pass

Construction Site

The Meeting Place

Open air - Kitchen

Load of Lumber to build

Should this be happening in America?
$500 Billion to Iraq while our brothers and sisters live like this?
What part of enough is enough don’t we understand ?

1 Sink for 25 People


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