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The Passion of Park Providence

“Whatsoever you have done to the least of my brothers you have done unto Me!”

Park Providence is a community located in a remote part of Ventura, just beyond the city limits in the rural setting amongst the oak trees with the gentle hilly slopes in the background. It is a kind of place where you feel very close to mother earth. Where you hear the breeze as it blows though the oak trees, where you hear the warble of a small brook and where you could spend time to hear yourself think. Away from the mad hustle and bustle of the world at large. A place where you find yourself and reconnect with the infinite and everlasting. A place to make future plans, to dream, to rebuild, to forgive, to refocus - a place Mr. Bob calls Park Providence.

Park Providence, this island of tranquility, has an inner motor that quietly performs wonders in the lives of needy people. A select lot of citizens that society didn't want near them, a group of individuals that found themselves on the wrong side, trying to swim upstream welcomed, and called Park Providence home.

It all started when Mr. Bob noticed the terrible future the homeless faced in the California area and in particular the situation of the River Haven people and their struggle for  permission to use a piece of vacant, barren, sandy land....”this land is my land from California to New York Island!” Indeed! but only if you belong to a certain section of society. The absurdness of this situation in the 8th largest economy in the world energized Mr. Bob to begin a grassroots action which is described here.

You see, Park Providence is based on the principle ”Things happen when we make an effort” It was brought about by the actions of a group of very committed people wanting to help their struggling brothers and sisters to get back into the mainstream of society. These fearless, resilient, persistent, and loving folk teamed up with Mr. Bob. They had the ability to make thing happen built into their DNA and the cry “Whatsoever you have done for the least of My brothers and sisters you have done unto Me” guided them to success.

With the help of Government, State, County and City personnel, grants, donations and support from businesses and charitable institutions, the Rotary Clubs and some personal funds, Mr. Bob and his team raised a some capital. This they invested in buying this rural piece of land for Park Providence. Having obtained the land, they graded it and put in basic utilities of Water, Electric and Telephones and prepared for the next step.

Then they acquired some simple modular housing units and installed them in a pleasant arrangement and created a park-like atmosphere. Much of the labor was performed by the beneficiaries of these housing units, the overlooked and other volunteer organizations. Lumber, Hardware, Paint, Bricks, Mortar and the like were donated as people began to understand what Park Providence was all about.
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