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What About Mr. Bob ?

“Whatsoever you have done to the least of my brothers you have done unto Me!”

Allow me to introduce to you Mr. Bob. a man I have know for several years, a simple, straight forward guy. He had a small business, which he ran for several years then one day decided that he would let his son run it and he himself would spend the sunset years just puttering about and doing what he pleased. In-fact, he got a sign and put it on the bathroom mirror to remind himself, which said “I’m retired. Don’t ask me to do a damned thing”. He used much of his time reading books about his Creator, attending Church and otherwise staying away from any other obligation or work. He felt he had done enough for one lifetime so he could coast the rest of the way.

Then one Sunday morning as he was passing the time having coffee after Mass at the local Catholic Church, he was approached by two parishioners who invited him to join them at the summer Barbecue party that evening. At first Mr. Bob, being a shy, introverted sort of guy did not want to get involved, but on second thought having nothing better to do, decided he would go anyway.

At this barbecue, he met several persons, who all appeared to belong to the local Rotary Club. In-fact, he was seated next to a tall, slim, lady who was exceptionally bright and entertaining and they discussed many things of general interest. He met a group of men and women who somehow seemed different, they had a sense of camaraderie, a twinkle in their eyes and a certain warmth about them. For Mr. Bob this was a different kind of people, a kind he had not experienced heretofore.

The two men who had invited him to the barbecue, noticing the good time Mr. Bob was having, managed to induce him to come to their Rotary breakfast meeting the following Friday. Unknown to Mr. Bob this was the beginning of his metamorphosis. Mr. Bob ended up joining the Rotary Club and participating in various projects to benefit and support those in need, regardless of their cast, creed, religion or origin.

Experiencing such generosity and goodwill at the Rotary Club was very contagious, Mr. Bob had already acquired a strain of this virus during his years in business and somehow, the Rotary influence and partnerships inflamed the virus reaction in him and propelled him towards a passion. This is a revelation of that passion and an invitation for you to participate. [
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